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North Carolina Solar Farms

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  County land in North Carolina has been leased to help develop a solar farm. The project will cover a vast fifty two acres of land near the Cashie River in Bertie County, North Carolina. The land will be leased and once the project is approved, solar panels will be hauled to the area and…

Ikea Offers Solar Panels to Customers


Ikea is one of the largest do-it-yourself retailers in the world, and now the business is offering up solar panels to their customers in an effort to encourage the world to go green and use clean, renewable energy. The project will first take place in Ikea’s United Kingdom stores. Depending on how well the idea…

Solar Power Winning Over Wind

Wind Power

As of September 30th, 2013, a new energy record within the United States has been broken. ¬†Wind farming power is no longer the most prominent alternative, green energy source. Windmills have been replaced by solar panels and solar energy has officially surpassed wind energy within the United States. The demand for new wind farm installations…

Can Solar Power Ever Be Cheap?


Scientific American asks if solar power can ever be cheap. One of the main reasons people find it difficult to switch from other traditional power sources to solar power is because they fear how much the transition will cost.Solar panels themselves can be expensive, and that is not even mentioning the cost of installation or…

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